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Hey There

All About Me

Let me introduce myself: 


I am Claudea Bosch, a 20-something-year-old. I have a great passion for wellness and finding inner happiness compared to my scale weight. I love sports and fitness, although this wasn't always the case.

I grew up doing drama and spent most of my days inside, drawing or binge-watching movies. Until one day when I was forced to join school sports. Me - never even running, other than to get my pizza, started playing squash (this was the only sport where the least amount of skills was required and all the other things I sucked at, at the time).

With my luck, I made the National team. I was needed to fill the team; not for my skills. Nevertheless, off I went. There is no success story here. I am just a pretty average sportswoman, until today. That trip changed my life and opened up a world I didn't even know existed. 

I made friends for life and learned passion, dedication, and a whole lot of perseverance. 

I have never been extremely overweight, I am not very athletically built and I am no pro. But I, like most women, struggled with my self-image and the way my body looked and felt. 

I went through life's dips: too much weight, too little weight, binge-eating, bulimia, excessive exercise vs nothing at all. I guess it's more common than we think, which is sad. Through my own personal struggle, I saw others go through this as well. 

It's been 10 years since I started my nutrition journey and personal training career to help others.  In that time I have overcome my own obstacles and helped others get out of theirs. 

No road is easy, but having a community and guidance has made every step possible. 

I am still a pretty average sportswoman, but that has never stopped me from doing something. I have had many first places and numerous last places. My proudest though is only 2 DNF (did not finish). It's more important to try and challenge yourself than to give up. Sport has given me more life tools than anything else.  

While studying Crossfit, the principle of 'being able to do anything' stuck with me. That's how I take on any challenge, whether I have the skills or not. 

I have overcome and done many things (sport-related) in my life: bodybuilding, CrossFit, Ironman, and cycling, to name but a few. 

My fitness philosophy is based on the happiness and reason that you're doing it for the long run and not for the 5kg you want to lose. I believe in the Wellness approach - that my body, soul, gut, and mind are one. 


 ' I believe in sustainable health and fitness that empowers you and makes you love YOU. Fuelled with dedication, positivity, and consistency. '

I want to teach more people to see their bodies as a temple and to take care of them. My fitness and wellness is an everyday lifestyle. 

You don't have to do 10 hours of sport to experience this, I am here to help you find your community and love. We all have a place somewhere where we fit in. We just need to find yours. 

I believe that everything I have been through and overcome has equipped me with the tools to guide you through what you're going through. 

I am not a fan of sharing client progress photos. These are very personal and I respect my client's journey more than being able to show it off.

On this page, you'll see my journey and transformation. This is a compilation of 10 years of ups and downs. If you feel discouraged let me just remind you that nothing happens overnight, and the amount of times you stopped does not matter. Your fitness journey is an ongoing race and there are no DNF's. You need only to continue.



Personal Trainer 


Sport Specific coach 

Crossfit L1 trainer 

Spinning Instructor 

Bootcamp Instructor 

Triathlon training coach 

Lifestyle coach 

Group class instructor

Sports injury assessment 


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