Frequently asked questions

What are your Gym memerbship packages?

N$550 - All in (full access) N$420 - off season (8:00-16:00 access) N$1180 - Fit Fam (2x Adults 1x child) N$1220 - Fit Family (2x adults 2x kids) N$670 - My family (1x Adult 1x Child) N$400 - Fit Class (Class only) N$590 - Quick fix (6 months full access) N$620 - Fix me up (3 months full access) N$690 - On the go (1 month full access) N$450-Full access(2 year Contract)

Operating times?

Monday - Friday 5:00 - 20:00 Saterday 6:00 - 19:00 Sunday 6:00 - 15:00

Can I get my own custom design cycling kit?

Yes, you can just send us a mail and enquire to get a quote.

Whats included in my membership?

The full membership has access to all the gym facilities, all classes unlimited access during operating times