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Free Fitness trackers

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Whether it's your New Year resolutions or your middle of the year goals, we all start somewhere. When we do, we want to track it and measure our progress.

Attached is a group of trackers I find helpful.

Some of us are more prone to planning and function better with planning and writing everything down.

I am one of those, so in case you might be as well, here are the tools I use to make my everyday life easier.

Why planning is so important:

  • When we plan we set ourselves up for success

  • We eliminate uncertainty

  • We give ourselves a direction and reason

  • It helps simplify decision making

  • Gets everyone on the same page

  • It clarifies the process

  • Avoids unnecessary distractions

  • Avoids doing small tasks unnecessary instead reaches the bigger picture

  • Helps you be more diligent and effective

  • Helps with a realistic timeline

There are a lot of benefits to planning, but the biggest is they help you reach your goal.

Losing weight, running a marathon, non of these come overnight and require a lot of dedication and planning.

I hope these resources help you reach your goal!

Download PDF • 235KB

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