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How the body looses fat

Let's take a more in-depth approach:

4 Steps in order to lose fat:

Step 1

Receive signal that it needs to burn stored fat for weight loss,

There needs to be a balance between the fat you are burning and the amount you are storing. The fat oxidization needs to be higher than the storage. = CALORIE DEFICIT

food in = energy out: no difference occurs
food in < energy out : FAT OXIDIZATION
food in > energy out: gain weight

Step 2

Transmission of signals, if you have access to body fat or insulin resistance, you might experience some trouble here. Calorie deficit triggers a reduction in insulin and ASP.(these two both act as brakes for fat loss)

HSL & LPL is needed to break down fat

Insulin/ASP < HSL/LPL

Other hormones affected: Glucagon & adrenaline

Step 3

Lipolysis is activated by these hormones. Glucagon & adrenaline

HGH is a hormone caused by exercising and can activate this process as well.

Lipolysis is where the body 'empties' the fat cells.

Fat cells cannot be removed or destroyed once created, they can only reduce in size.

The energy that is stored in the fat cells is transported into the bloodstream for the body to use. (it's a lot more complicated but comes down to that)

Step 4

Fat oxidation happens in the Mitochondria by means of different processes: electron transport chain / Krebs cycle

and their by-product is h20 and co2

This means your fat comes out as water

- by means of sweat and urine and as you exhale

- the carbon dioxide

So in Simpler terms:

The more you sweat and exhale the more 'fat' you are losing.

No, you cannot just breathe more that's not how it works. You will hyperventilate, so please don't try.

You cannot starve yourself with too little calorie intake, that just becomes more complicated.

Just to give you a small calculation idea:

To lose 10kg of fat: You need to burn 94 000 calories to produce 8.4 kg CO2 + 1,6kg H2O

How our body loses weight is something different,

During the 4 weeks of dieting approximately 70% of weight loss over the first week is water.

Thereafter it reduces to 20% in weeks 2 and 3.

Fat loss increases from week 2 to 25% and to 85% during the 4th week.

IN OTHER WORDS: It takes 4 weeks to establish a fat loss pattern.

After 2 months / 8 weeks of dieting the kg lost in the first week exceeds. Double that of the first week.

*This shows you the importance of maintaining a calorie deficit for a longer period of time.

Realistic 8-week weight loss journey

Week 1 - 2

Getting used to the new routine and diet

Week 2-3

Starting to FEEL results, setting a base

Week 3-4

Moving into the burning fat and losing weight phase. Just keep motivated and going

Week 4

Finally seeing some results, if any.

Week 5-6

Keep going strong. Don't fall off the wagon here. This is where it gets hard but if you kept going results will show.

Week 6-8

Make it through this part and you are so much closer to your goal

Week 8

You finished the challenge and reached one of your goals or half of your goal.

Week 9 and up

Instead of giving up, commit and suck it up. This is where results are earned and achieved. Redo the process, and the results will be immaculate.

Love Claudea

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