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How to loose weight 101


Don’t overeat.

Don’t eat that, eat only this…

Yes, the diet culture we live in. My biggest challenge with clients is the mental part of ‘dieting’ / eating healthy / losing weight whatever you want to call it.

We are so used to these fab diets telling us:

On day one eat a banana
On day two hop around 3 times
Day three look for the weight loss leprechaun
Day four viola -20 kg

Honestly, it should stop.

You lose weight and keep it off when you stop dieting and start looking after your body.

Living healthy and dieting on and off is two different things.

‘Crash Dieting’ is not healthy.

‘Yo-Yo dieting’ is not healthy

When you have a diet you follow from a nutritionist or dietician its a-lot different than a “5 weeks loose 20kg slender, fat loss diet “

You can start your journey with a challenge and set yourself up for success, challenges make it easier but when they are done correctly and learned from. They are there as an aid and help to guide you to better understand healthy eating, and food prepping to be able to make it more sustainable and fit into your everyday life.

Having a yo-yo diet culture where you deprive yourself of something or just eat chicken teeth for a week and then binge eating on everything in front of you is another thing.

Everyones ‘healthy’ eating might look different. So what I mean when I say I focus on a healthy sustainable everyday lifestyle is eating healthy foods that are nutrient-dense full of flavors and vitamins while being able to indulge and enjoy foods considered unhealthier and less nutritious but really delicious and not feel guilty about the indulgence or gain excessive weight due to eating outside of the framework of healthier foods.

How do you achieve this? Simple.

Stop your diet culture mind

Stop punishing yourself

Stop thinking food is the enemy

Stop yoyo dieting

Stop thinking more food is bad

Stop wanting to crash diet

So not so simple, you need to make the mental change. Once you are really ready and can fully mentally commit, then you can stop the cycle and break free

When you're ready, You can start a journey with me or a nutritionist or just yourself.

To commit and set your mind free

I have ready-made plans to help you start or you can implement some advice:

⁃ Don’t restrict your diet, include all food groups

⁃ Don’t undereat, try and reach 1600 ( for an average size woman )

⁃ Don’t do emotional eating, find the cause

⁃ Try and move 30 min every day

⁃ If you indulging enjoy it

⁃ Don’t punish yourself when you indulged just stick to your normal eating afterward

⁃ Don’t skip meals

⁃ Don’t have one big plate, try and get your 3 meals a day

⁃ Its not needed to have 2 snacks a day

⁃ When snacking make sure to snack mindfully. Take out your portion and put the rest away.

Losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle is not a punishment it's not hard, and it's not that expensive.

You can still have most of your everyday goodies and not even realize the changes you made. It's these small changes you make that will make your life easier and healthier.

⁃ Removing cooking oil and using spray and cook

⁃ Using an air fryer instead of oil frying

⁃ Limiting carbonated sweet drinks

⁃ Replacing cream cheese with cottage cheese

⁃ Instead of just potato fried chips have nuts, popcorn, or Trigz as a snack

All you need to do is change your mindset on how you perceive food and lose weight.

The biggest mindset change is thinking you should not eat in order to lose weight.

That's not true, you should be in a healthy calorie deficit. I'll talk more about this in detail in another blog

But that does not mean you should not eat. Not at all!

On the contrary, most women undereat and ‘starve’

If your skipping breakfast and have a coffee lunch and fall into a pack of chips when you get home and then have dinner (Rys, vleis en artapples)

Then you won't lose weight.

You can only eat salad for weeks on end in this fashion and still not lose weight.

It's silly to think your body can properly function with such limited food

I'm not saying fasting doesn’t work, but there is a proper way to do it and not. This is not it...

I cringe when people tell me they only eat salad and steak at night and can't understand why they don’t lose weight.

You can't expect your body to lose weight when you're giving it minimal food to work with. Your body is so smart and will keep that food all stored up in your hips for the next crash diet of apples you are going to do...

If all you take from my blogs and numerous attempt on social media to help you live a healthier happy life is: FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY then I am happy.

Please see my blog post on how much I eat in a day. Soo many people are surprised at how much you can actually eat.

You can calculate your TDEE here, this I've you an indication of how many calories your body needs every day just to function properly...

If your skin is dull and your hair weak, it's the lack of nutrient-dense food.

If your tummy does not go, it's the food.

If you are bloated, yes, it's the food.

The gut is the second brain, and no one likes tummy pain. Treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve and chooce your health above your weight.

On a side note, happiness is not found in a smaller pair of jeans. Weight loss is a journey, typically one that took you years to get to where you are, it's not going to disappear overnight.

But keep faith, it can go away, just be willing to put in the hard work.

You are still beautiful no matter your size

I hope this inspires you, I wish I could give you a magic pill but Ill I can tell you is that you are loved.

Love Claudea

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