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Race your own pace

Stop comparing yourself to others, I know it seams easy to say and hard to do.

It took me years before I felt beautiful,

I still have little niggles and flaws but overall I am more grateful for where I am now, the wonders my body can do and the return I get from loving myself, respecting my body and treating it as my temple.

When working with clients or just being around woman it always stands out just how much we judge each other, and mostly ourselves.

I had this friend in school, we where both talking to this guy and before I could say anything she said “hi my name is … im the pretty one and this is claudea”

For years that stuck with me, I asked her what she meant and she insisted that I had the better personality.

Needless to say we did not stay friends…

From that moment I always thought of myself as the ugly one, and I used my personality to build friendships rather than care about what people though I looked like.

Today I know, my personality made me whom I am and blessed me with the great people in my life.

My looks developed and I do feel like a beautiful one amongst all the other beautiful ladies in my life.

If I where to go back to a younger me, Id tell her that she is loved far beyond what she can imagine.

Sometimes in this job, I do feel alone, or like the outsider. People always assume I only eat healthy and I am constantly fit.

But when I look to my friends, family, community I realize that I have so many great people around me in whom’s lives I make a difference and who makes a difference in my life.

So when I look at photos of myself and im grateful for where I came from, I no longer look to the imperfections but the growth it took to get here.

I preach health and wellness all day long, this is your daily reminder that your mental health is just as important.

Fill your life with people that inspire, love and motivate you. We are all on our journeys to becoming the best versions of ourselves

““We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose. Those whom God had already chosen he also set apart to become like his Son, so that the Son would be the first among many believers. And so those whom God set apart, he called; and those he called, he put right with himself, and he shared his glory with them.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28-30‬ ‭GNT‬‬

So ladies, stop comparing yourself to each other. We own have our race and challenges that we face, realize your beauty and potential and enjoy life it goes by so fast...

Love Claudea

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