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Run amongst the flowers

“It takes both rain and sun for a flower to grow”

Love this quote

Its so true in our everyday struggle for the perfect body

The weight loss journey is the same process as a growing flower:

The most delicate part is the germination,

the most is happening but the least is seen - the start of any weightloss journey is the same

You get discouraged because you can't see the results but don't realize how much it takes to bloom.

How fragile your body is and how many things need to work together for you to reach your weightloss goal.

The start of any process is the hardest setting the base and starting out.

The growing period, you get results but not as much as you like. It is fast and then the growing slows down. The results stay the same and the waiting gets to you.

You reach a plateau and stagnate on the same result or weight

Finally the blooming period, the bud has formed and the fine details all hidden away is waiting to be unveiled

When you don't give up you finally get to see the beautifull details and work that has gone into the fine flower that blooms

Making a statement and capturing attention.

The colour, the aroma the feel and the soft feathery look of the fine petals all work together to create a breathtaking beauty

The moment you reach your goal the satisfaction and gratification consume you like a wildfire

May you take this year to run amongst the flowers, embrace the rain on your skin and bathe in the suns light

Hoping you reach your mental, physical and spiritual goals



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