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What I eat in a day!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Guide to eating healthy and enough thought the day

Quick look into my daily life, eating enough to sustain my body while still enjoying my food. Based on my Tone Up plan, about 1400 calories.

This is a really easy guide to use for those days when you are out of ideas, it is great to get a feel of what I offer as a nutritionist and a look into my everyday life.

These recipes are simple and easy and don't cost a fortune, I really enjoy my food and don't want to feel like I have been starving or craving. All my plans are balanced and macro-specific, as this just better helps with achieving our daily goals and keeping in check without punishing ourselves.

Let's dive in!






In my opinion, the best meal of the day! Not only because it's pancakes but it fuels my body for the workout to come, helps me get out of the fasted state through the night, and makes me feel amazing.

It's super simple and these bad boys can be made ahead and be frozen for later use as well.

It takes about 10 minutes to make so perfect for the morning, you can make them and enjoy them at home or take them with you to work.

To save some time, instead of making smaller pancakes, just make one big one. Save time and gets you out of the door faster.

You can alternate the toppings and fillings. I love blueberries and all the benefits they hold, but using canned ones or any other fresh berries or fruit can also work.

For a sweet alternative add some coconut and caramel flavor with some caramel sauce (as a nice treat, keep the sauce to 1 teaspoon) and enjoy.


Super easy and simple, salad does not have to be boring. Salad is a great tool to pack loads of flavor and nutrient-dense food while keeping the calories lower and the fiber high.

Again, you can make this salad in many variations. I just a base for you to work from and plan off.


The big one, some nights dinners are small, but tonight we are celebrating and enjoying life with these amazing chicken wraps!

There are so many different ways to make them, they are flavourful and filling. Great for a lunch box the next day and for family time with kids.


Rice cakes are the perfect little transport tool from your plate to your mouth.

My favorite is definitely tuna and beets, I love the sweet-savory taste the beets give to the tuna.

Download PDF • 18.16MB

I hope you enjoyed this quick look into my daily life and eating habits.

May this give you a better idea of my nutrition plans as well!

Have a blessed day and eat well!

Love Claudea

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