>We all have a 'bump' to get over<


We all have some bumps in the road, it's time to learn to JUMP OVER them. No need to have them hold you back or keep you from reaching a goal.


This program is designed for people starting from 0

- Even if you haven't exercised in months or forever

- Know nothing about eating healthy

- You are scared to take the leap


Let me help you to start from scratch, Ill be doing this with you all the way

> Ill also be starting from 0 <


Finding your sustainable way of life is ideal, but getting there is the problem. Take part in an 8-week challenge where I not only:

* Equip you for a successful 8-weeks

* Learn you about mental and physical wellness

* Teach you to take the challenge past these 8 weeks

* Finding balance in your life, exercise, and diet


My aim isnt to just help you for 8 weeks but to help you to reah a goal in tthe long run, cause health is the biggest asset you can have.



* 8 week exercise plan suited to home and gym 

* Info kits 

- Pre and post challenge guides 

* 8 week meal planner 

*Watsapp group for support 

*One on one Whatsapp consultations 


When you entered send me the PQR back and the proof of payment to confirm your spot. 

Getting over the bump